About Brekiri

Our Mission

At Brekiri, we want to make business research easy and affordable. We're building a business search engine that will help you find information on companies, industries, and business topics faster and with less monkey work.


Greg Gentschev

Picture of Greg

Greg has spent the last 10 years or so getting frustrated with business research tools, in consulting at Blue Ridge Partners, Kaiser Associates, and Viant, and in marketing at American Express. In between, he also avoided the real world for a while by picking up an MBA at Georgetown and a couple of engineering degrees at Stanford and University of Maryland.

When he's not obsessing about improving the search experience, he likes running, reading, and eating.

Jochen Maes

Picture of Jochen

Jochen's experience runs the gamut from team lead to architect to system engineer at companies including Q-Layer (sold to Sun Microsystems), Isabel, and Bull. He likes playing around with the entire technology stack, and he's also been active in open source, helping to organize the FOSDEM conference and working on Djagios, exherbo, and other projects.

On the rare occasions when he's not hacking on something, you can find Jochen cooking, rock climbing, and coming up with new titles for himself.